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Apple's Earnings, Steve Jobs’s Final Solution to the Button Question

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Apple reported a 92 cent/share profit for its fiscal third quarter, easily beating the Street’s forecast of 72. AAPL also surpassed sales expectations of $5.285 billion to hit $5.41 billion. The company earned 54 cents/share and $4.37 billion in revenue in last year’s Q3, so this would be better. Jobs, et. al., shilled 9.815 million iPods (a 21% increase) and 1.764 million computers (a 33% percent increase), but a mere 146,000 iPhones, a number that meant basically nothing for earnings but scared investors into knocking shares of Apple down 6%.
In other AAPL news, Steve Jobs, was profiled this morning in a WSJ article about Mock Turtleneck’s “decades-long campaign against buttons.” This is not a joke. A caption for an accompanying video reads: “A look at Steve Jobs's history of antibutton ideology.”
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