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Bear Stearns Continues To Knock Them Out Of The Park

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BStearnsGuy5: Hey pal
InvestorB: Hi.
BStearnsGuy5: what’s up with jew?
BStearnsGuy5: buddy?
BStearnsGuy5: you their man?
InvestorB: yeah I’m here, what can I do for you?
BStearnsGuy5: oh just wanted to see what was up, etc…got any plans for the 4th?
BStearnsGuy5: I’m taking Thursday/Friday off...
BStearnsGuy5: choosing between taking mon/tues off or thur/fri off you gotta go with thur/fri paradigm
BStearnsGuy5: cuz then you can get bent on the 4th
BStearnsGuy5: you know what I mean
InvestorB: Right.
BStearnsGuy5: so anyway I also wanted to tell you that those numbers you wanted on how much money we lost you ar
InvestorB: yes?
BStearnsGuy5: ent going to be avails for a bit
InvestorB: how long’s “a bit”
BStearnsGuy5: oh idk could be July 16, could be later, not really sure
BStearnsGuy5: allo
BStearnsGuy5: …
BStearnsGuy5: yeah this thing just turned out to be a lot more time-consuming than we thought…something about a lot of the mortgage-related securities being thinly traded and the market being volatile…whatevs…idk
BStearnsGuy5: so yeah
BStearnsGuy5: net asset values as of May 31—july 16ish
BStearnsGuy5: ps we also screwed some stuff up for treasury investors
BStearnsGuy5: oh well
BStearnsGuy5: im not beating myself up over it
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