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Board Advises Whole Foods To Bag CEO

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An investment group that advises a coalition of labor unions sent a letter to Whole Foods’ lead independent director yesterday, advising the board to do business sans Crazy from this point forward. CtW, whose members own around 900,000 shares of WFMI, was apparently made uncomfortable with the revelation that the company’s co-founder and CEO had spent the better half of a decade posting comments in financial chat rooms about Whole Foods, rival Wild Oats and a few from the grab-bag, including “Mackey looks like a model for Brooks Brothers” and “I like Mackey's haircut.”
The group strongly urged Whole Foods’ board to immediately name an independent chairman in order to assure government regulators and shareholders that Whole Foods takes a hard line on what some small-minded people might call “sociopathic tendencies.” Rahodeb, Aohber and Hodebra are among the names in the hopper for possible appointees.
Shares of WFMI are down 33 cents to $37.20.
Firm Asks Mackey To Log Out [New York Post]



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