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Brian Hunter Sued—By The CFTC!

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It looks like Brian Hunter is getting his way. Yesterday his lawyers asked a federal court to block an energy regulator, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, from filing a lawsuit against him on the grounds that it was infringing on the jurisdiction of another regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This morning the CFTC responded by filing a civil enforcement action against him and Amaranth Advisors.
Our favorite hedge fund newsletter, FinAlternatives, nicely points out the irony.

Hunter and his lawyers may now regret the vigorous defense of the CFTC’s right to bring such charges they put on in court yesterday and in court filings on Monday. During those proceedings, Hunter’s attorneys argued that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission did not have the authority to bring civil charges against him, as it had said it intended to do. The CFTC and FERC collaborated on the Amaranth investigation.
“FERC is not [emphasis in original] statutorily authorized to regulate futures markets for energy commodities, which include natural gas futures contracts,” Hunter’s lawyers wrote in their complaint against FERC. “FERC’s assertion of jurisdiction to bring an enforcement action is an impermissible encroachment on the exclusive statutory jurisdiction of the CFTC, and is beyond the scope of FERC’s statutory authority to regulate wholesale energy markets.”

A similar lawsuit from FERC is expected to be announced later today.
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