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Brian Hunter Vows To Fight!Disgraced Energy Trader Denies Manipulation Charges

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"Brian Hunter simply did not undertake any manipulative trading and we are going to prove it,” said Michael S. Kim. Kim is a partner at the Kobra Kai dojo Kobre & Kim lawfirm that advises Hunter’s new hedge fund, Solengo.
Earlier today the CFTC filed a lawsuit charging that Hunter, who was trading gas for Amaranth at the time, had illegally manipulated the natural gas futures market by exploiting the New York Mercantile Exchange’s rules for determining the settlement price on futures contracts. Prices for futures contracts are set according to the volume-weighted averages of trades executed during between 2:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. on the last day of trading for each contract, a period known as the “closing range.”
According to the CFTC’s lawsuit, Hunter attempted to push the price of the futures contracts down by dumping large amounts of the contracts into the closing range. The complaint states that Amaranth traders would buy up large amounts of gas contracts prior to the closing range, then dump them in order to depress prices. Amaranth wanted lower prices because it held a huge short position in the contracts, the CFTC report alleges.
Hunter’s lawyers say that the contention that Amaranth desired lower prices prices is contradicted by a recent report from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which they say concluded that Amaranth sought rises in natural gas futures prices.
“None of these various government bodies can come up with a consistent theory of Mr. Hunter’s alleged misconduct because in fact there was no misconduct” said Mr. Kim, “These accusations from the CFTC and the FERC against Brian Hunter are aimed at finding a scapegoat to bear the public outrage over ever-increasing energy prices. We will not stand idly by as the regulators use Brian for political cover, their action is meritless and we will prove it.”
After our review of confidential trading documents, which you may download here,* DealBreaker has concluded that Brian Hunter should tell us whether he wanted to inflate or deflate the prices in the gas futures markets while he was making these trades. Pointing out that the government is confused, inconsistent and probably abusing its power is a bit like pointing out that the Pope is Catholic. That’s what governments do.
But just because the government is out to get you, doesn’t mean you didn’t do anything wrong. So come on, Brian, give up the goods. Was Amaranth after a higher or a lower price?
*We're totally kidding about those confidential documents. Sorry.