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Brian Hunter Will Not Have His Integrity Impugned

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Anyone who’s ever interfaced with a jerk knows that the best of breed have an uncanny ability to turn situations around so that, all of a sudden, they’re accusing *you* of being the prick. Brian Hunter is no exception. In the middle of an interview earlier this year with Washington regulators, everyone’s favorite salmon lover went off for lunch and “never came back.” Just, you know, never came back. Made small talk about the turkey sandwiches from the deli across the street, acted as though he would be returning, like everyone else, and then never came back.
When FERC chairman Joseph Kelliher dared to go public with this information, a spokesman for Hunter said that he "voluntarily flew to the U.S.A. to meet with FERC officials and give an interview. Brian ended the interview when he and his attorney became aware that the FERC had misrepresented the agenda for the discussion." Got that? Not only will the Hunter not be apologizing for unilaterally ending the meeting, but *he,* Brian Hunter is accusing *other people* of pulling the wool over *his* eyes.
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