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Burkle and Greenspan Meet With Dow Jones: Murdoch Meter Doesn't Flinch

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Although a NewsCorp deal will likely may be announced this week, Ron Burkle and Brad Greenspan, two renegade investors no one takes seriously had a meeting with the Dow Jones board yesterday. The pair, who did not present an offer and have few, if any commitments from other investors, want to “buy out only those members of the Bancroft family who wanted to sell,” the New York Times Reports.
The primary Dow Jones union recruited Burkle, who owns the private equity firm Yucaipa Companies, to partner with Greenspan and block Rupert Murdoch’s bid in what seems to be another effort to protect the journal’s editorial independence. The New York Observer details the lunch between Greenspan and a union leader in which the plans were discussed.
“I think it’s clear the family does not want to sell to Rupert Murdoch. If they did, they would have taken the $5 billion a long time ago. We would much rather have the family continue its stewardship of this company. I believe that working with Burkle and a number of other people, we have alternatives, if the family wants an alternative," union leader Steve Yount tells the Observer.
But does this make any sense? Does the addition of Burkle make Greenspan’s half-baked bid less crazy or twice as crazy? We would side with the latter, but don’t take our word for it. Take the word of the former chief executive of Dow Jones, Peter Kann, who the Journal describes as "outspoken in his support for the independence of Dow Jones"
“If the family is going to sell I see no point in pursuing industrial conglomerates, Internet entrepreneurs, supermarket magnates and real-estate developers. None know anything at all about journalism. As to Mr. Murdoch, at least he loves newspapers, presumably would invest in the WSJ and Dow Jones, and would seem to have little incentive to tarnish a trophy he has coveted for so long,” Kahn says in today's Journal story on the item.
Also, see Gary Weiss for what happens when amateur investors buy newspapers. A serious question for Dow Jones employees who may be invited to join some sort of leveraged Employee Stock Ownership Plan rival buyout bid is whether they want to spend part of their paycheck buying the company from the bondholders for the next decade or so. Because that's the best-case proposal from a Burkle-Greenspan partnership.
Shares of Dow Jones traded slightly lower today, bringing our technical arbitrage measurement down to 90%. But we're exercising our own editorial independence here and refusing to move the meter. It remains unchanged at 95%.
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