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Can I Touch It? The iPhone, Cliff Mason And Uncle Jumbo

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In the latest video from TheStreet.Com TV, James "Uncle Jumbo" Cramer defends his alleged nephew Cliff Mason's review of the iPhone. Uncle Jumbo explains that all the talk of the phone being a "babe magnet" was really just Cliff's way of explaining the buzz around the phone that is driving sales and Apple's stock price.
We were trying to decide what we thought of this rationale so we went back to Cliff's original video, in which he shows the phone to the fetching host of the program, Farnoosh Torabi. "Can I touch it?" she asks. And yes, of course Cliff lets Farnoosh touch it. Who wouldn't?
Uhm, what were we talking about. Oh, right. The Cliff Mason-iPhone Incident. We think maybe Cliff was telling us about the buzz using some of the lingo of these crazy kids. But then again, maybe he just meant that it's a babe magnet. After all, one of the first text messages we ever got from an iPhone read: "Chicks dig it.
The Cliff Mason-iPhone Incident made Page Six headlines on Sunday. "Mason, in a streaming-video feed, says he bought the gizmo because he 'wasn't doing anything at the time' and had 'money to burn,'" Page Six explains. "It was worth it because he was soon surrounded by curious women. Asked by's Farnoosh Torabi about the required iPhone switch from Verizon to AT&T, Mason shrugged and said his dad paid the bills."
[Editor's Note: we're extinguishing the comments option for this post because getting raked over the coals by both Bess Levin and Page Six in the course of just a couple of days is enough punishment for anyone. No need to pile it on any further.]