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Chelsea's Consulting Coup And Other Bold Character Building Choices

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Did anyone catch today's New York Times lovefest fluff-piece about Chelsea Clinton? There's nothing she can't do, from working in finance to reading "Goodnight Moon" at a college level to dating Jews. And as any truly well-fluffed piece will tell you, merit carries the day throughout Ms. Clinton's orgy of success.
For instance, how did Chelsea deal with 9/11? In a bold, career-defining moment, Chelsea shuns the materialistic ambitions of her post-collegiate peers and decides to devote herself to good works. From the Times:

Ms. Clinton shared her answer in an earnest essay a few months later in Talk magazine: “For most young Americans I know, ‘serving’ in the broadest sense now seems like the only thing to do,” she wrote. “Is banking what’s important right now?” Her words are reminiscent of the young Hillary Clinton, who, as the campaign frequently reminds voters, chose children’s advocacy over corporate work after law school.

Chelsea's true desire to "serve" and shun banking led her straight into a career in finance when she got back from Oxford. Nothing fulfills that desire to serve more than firing a few people from a struggling company in a management consultant role. More from the Times:

after Oxford, Chelsea Clinton signed up with McKinsey, a consulting company known as an elite business training corps. She was the youngest in her class, hired at the same rank as those with M.B.A. degrees. Her interview was more like a conversation, said D. Ronald Daniel, a senior partner. “That’s why she was a good consultant, because we are professional question-askers and professional listeners,” Mr. Daniel said.

Let me get this straight fluff-piece, Chelsea Clinton's rare and unique business acumen resulted in her catapulting the entire McKinsey class?
Word on the Street (and from a couple tipsters) is that Chelsea was job shopping and resume padding like any other post-grad. McKinsey wanted a Clinton so badly that they were willing to give her a post-M.B.A. job. Other consulting firms laughed at the idea, even though word has it that Chelsea tried to play some hardball.
Chelsea was interviewing with BCG and a couple other places only prepared to throw her in with people of the same skill level who didn't live in the White House. Apparently consultants at other firms didn't have the right "conversations" with her, namely the ones deferred to her parents. The nerve.
Like her father, Chelsea is as drawn to integrity and character in her personal life as her professional life. This is why her boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky is that rare combination of a Jew working at Goldman Sachs and the son of criminals. Mezvinsky’s father pleaded guilty in 2002 to swindling a bunch of investors out of $10 million, using his son’s bank account to transfer money undetected and often bragging about his Clinton connection. Papa M gets out of jail in November 2008.
Primed for a Second Stint as First Daughter [New York Times]