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CNBC Cat Fight?Money Honey vs. Street Sweetie

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Rifts. Uproar. Agitated. Riled.
We're not talking about the reaction of the markets to widening credit spreads. We're talking about the rivalry between two of CNBC's top women. Those are some of the words that the New York Post's Page Six uses to describe Maria Bartiromo's reaction to the rise of Erin Burnett. According to the New York Post's Page Six, insiders at the network are saying Maria Bartiromo is "in an uproar" over being upstaged by Erin Burnett.

An inside source tells Page Six the Money Honey has been fuming that curvy Burnett, in addition to her duties as anchor of "Street Signs" and co-anchor of "Squawk on the Street," is getting substantial airtime on the "Today" show, which gives her a much bigger audience. "Maria is like, hey, why isn't it me on the 'Today' show? She's very jealous of all the attention Erin is getting," our source said.

A recent New York Post profile of Burnett only deepened the rivalry, according to Page Six. That profile reported that "Burnett handily won a poll of the hottest financial news anchors on Wall Street gossip blog She got 37 percent of the votes while rival CNBC anchor Becky Quick came in second with 22 percent. Bartiromo only got 13 percent."
It's hard not to get the feeling that Page Six is choosing sides in this battle. And it's obvious who the Post is sweet on.

Some of Burnett's fans have even labeled her "Maria 2.0," while Bartiromo has acquired another nickname, "The Bank Skank."
Not only is Burnett nine years younger than Bartiromo, she also comes with less baggage. Last year, Bartiromo got caught up in an ethics scandal for globetrotting on Citigroup's private jet with its then-wealth-management chief Todd Thomson, who later got the ax.

We can't help but admire the evil genius of the Page Six writer who managed to bridge name calling, Bartiromo's age and the Thomson scandal in the space of three sentences. Rough stuff.
Of course, the network's official spokesman denies everything.
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