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Did Shoeshine Boy Shine Jeffrey Epstein's 'Shoes'?

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Was rogue trader “Jeff Steed,” one of the main characters in Doug Stumpf’s “Confessions of a Wall Street Shoeshine Boy,” based on massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein? Page Six examines some “suspicious” similarities today: both Steed and Epstein live in grand apartments in Manhattan and palatial spreads in Palm Beach. Accusations of illegal activity are the impetus for both men to leave their firms, Medved, Morningstar & Bigelow and Bear Stearns. Jeff and Jeff each try to stop magazines from writing profiles about them by threatening the editors-in-chief.
Let’s set aside the fact that, uh, there are a few people on Wall Street who—you might want to sit down for this—have large apartments and second homes in Florida. And have, at some point, employed business techniques that may have caused people to say, “Hey, are you engaging in insider trading?” (Henry Blodget used to have a house in Boca, just saying). Forgetting about all that, the deal with the threatening of the EICs looks a little suspect, we’ll give you that. But is “Jeff Steed” based on Jeffrey Epstein? We’re going to go with no:

One major difference between Steed and Epstein: the fictional character does not have a sex rap hanging over his head. Last year, Epstein was indicted on a charge of soliciting a "happy ending" from a teenage masseuse in Palm Beach.

Nobody writes about Captain Shiatsu without touching his pièce de résistance.

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