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Did Wedding Bells Ring For Becky Quick In China?

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We read this on CNBC's website so it must be true, right? Under the headline "FINALLY, WEDDING BELLS FOR BECKY QUICK?" Jane Wells brings us the report about speculation that "while CNBC's Becky Quick on assignment in China, followed Boone Pickens around, they got married: 'The CNBC co-anchor will go by her new name, Becky Quick-Pickens.'"
We ran this story by a squad of young women who toil away as Fashionistas in our offices. They're initial reaction: Jane Wells might be out to tear Quick down. It's all in the subtleties, they explained.
"I know it's a joke but it's the edges that cut. Asking whether wedding bells rang for Quick is one thing," a top Fashionista said. "Asking if they finally rang for Becky is just hateful. Also, calling her 'quick-pickens' is a bit like calling her 'fast-n-easy."
Neither Quick or Wells could be reached for comment because we couldn't bring ourselves to ask about this stuff.
Finally, Wedding Bells For Becky Quick? []