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Ex-CIA Lehman Risk Guru: Profit Is a Great Deneuralizer

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Who takes the mic from Funkmaster Fuld during Lehman’s weekly capital markets meeting? Jami Miscik, Lehman’s Global Head of Sovereign Risk, giving the L.Brohamsters the most lucrative geopolitical instability to invest in.
Sure Jami has the potential to steer Lehman’s capital in and out of dangerous waters, but at least she can’t start a war. At least not anymore, as Jami used to run the intelligence directorate of the CIA under George Tenet. In other words, you may remember her from (save Tony Olando’s House 1988, and…) the really crappy intelligence provided in the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate that said Saddam Hussein and his Nigerian yellow cake (with chocolate frosting) were about to unleash the apocalypse with WMDs. Hey, at least Miscik was right about North Korea and Venezuela (for Lehman). Two out of three ain’t bad. The country loses, but at least Lehman cashes in on her more recent assessments. No biggie, let’s march onward, says Miscik, from Fortune:

Miscik presents herself as a determined sentinel who is free of distraction and totally accountable, someone you might trust with another chance. Does she bear responsibility for the WMD conclusion in the Iraq report? "Absolutely. We got this wrong," Miscik acknowledges, while adding she had no time to beat herself up about it in the aftermath. "We were so busy, and we felt this unrelenting push to stay on top of things. It was kind of 'Just do it!'"

Whew, and for a second we thought Miscik was going to go all Robert McNamara in Fog of War on us. Don’t beat yourself up over that one, Jami. Take a mulligan. Bygones, seriously. I’m sure you’ll rest easier after a couple of those (TOP TIER) Lehman bonuses. You were part of that gangbusters second quarter, after all.
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