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Goldman Uses Mucho Dinero To Buy Some Calles

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What do you get when you take Mexico's largest construction company, Goldman Sachs, and more pesos than either knows what to do with? You get a $4.1 billion bid to run a couple of Mexican toll roads. Empresas ICA and Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Group I (a $6.5 billion fund Goldman has a 12% stake in) outbid richer than Bill Gates mogul Carlos Slim's company, Portugal's biggest highway operator and Moldavia's largest bear-baiting business. The bid is for a 30-year contract to run 340 miles of calles. The Empresas/Goldman bid was the highest of six offers and the winning bid will be announced in a couple of weeks, although the Mexican government wants to assure us that everyone is a winner thanks to the President's new infrastructure plan, from Bloomberg:

Communications and Transportation Minister Luis Tellez yesterday said the government's goal is to raise 287 billion pesos (about five American dollars) to build and upgrade highways by 2012, with funds coming from the government and private companies. "Que tal gringos? Aqui es el cuatro uno uno. [Mexican President] Calderon's infrastructure plan is muy aggressive,'' Gonzalez said. "This is excellent news for todos los construction companies. Mi serpiente grande de la noche es en fuego con su amore.''

ICA, Goldman Sachs Bid $4.1 Billion for Mexican Road [Bloomberg]