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Good Clean Fun - Green Tech Adverts

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Epuron, a German green tech company, won the Golden Lion for best advertising spot at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes (the Palme d'Or of adverts?). Not to spoil it, here's the spot, created by Nordpol+ Hamburg (see how early you can catch on before the punchline):

Contrast this with the "Say Hey" BP ads, that try a little too hard to reinforce the fact that giant oil companies are eco-friendly in that "when I drive up to a gas station I open up my mouth so that the gas nozzle can rain golden helios on me while whistling a catchy tune" sort of way.
Epuron is a subsidiary of the European renewable energy company Conergy, and specializes in photovoltaics, wind and bioenergy.
"Power of Wind" from EPURON wins Golden Lion in Cannes [Epuron]