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Google Will Wait For FaceBook to Make the First Move

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If Mark Zuckerberg wants to know what it’s like to be touched by Sergey Brin and Larry Page (A. Weird at first, then really kind of nice), he’s going to put it out there in no uncertain terms, Brin told DealBook Sun Valley correspondent David Carr yesterday in Sun Valley. “We don’t really look at companies for acquisitions unless they are really interested,” Brin said, not saying that he’s run into with “mixed signals” before but seeming to imply it. “If they come to us, we’d certainly be open to talking,” he added, meaning “You come 90, we’ll come 10.”
Facebook, who turned down a $1 billion offer from Yahoo last year is under the impression that Google et al will want it for its new “Platform” (and mind) at least $2 billion. FB’s recent “growth spurt,” open policy, etc, also has people talking about a big buy, although there are some around these part who think Facebook’s crossover from exclusive to inclusive* (plus its insistence on overloading the page with, what’s the word, crap) should be a signal to companies to stay away and let the thing IPO itself in 2009.
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*while lacking the intrinsic trashiness that makes MySpace’s spread legs okay