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Henry Nicholas: Drugs and Hookers Story Keeps Getting Worse

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We first heard about the alleged hookers and drugs adventures of former Broadcom chief executive Henry Nicholas while we were live on Squawk Box.
“Have you heard about the Broadcom story,” Becky Quick asked as we sat down and got mic’d in. “You’re going to like this.”
The story was so incredible—allegations of forced drug use, doping clients, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, sex with prostitutes—that we hardly, well, credited it. Mostly, it seemed like a great lead in to a joke rather than anything more serious.
There were also serious problems with the story. The allegations were coming from a former employee who had used legal maneuvering to make sure the story became public. It was clearly aimed at publicly embarrassing Nicholas, whose attorney characterized the accusations as blackmail.
But the allegations took on a bit more credibility today when the Associated Press revealed that similar charges have been leveled against Nichols in the past. According to court documents the AP has uncovered, Nicholas had an illegal network of tunnels and rooms built underneath his estate. The network allegedly included a secret lair where Nicolas could "indulge his appetite for illegal drugs and sex with prostitutes," according to the work crew that built it. Apparently, the lair was hidden from both his wife and city officials.
But let’s not jump to conclusions. We’re sure it’s totally possible that the illegal, secret, underground lair is really just a workshop where Nicholas built birdhouses or something. And maybe these construction workers are blackmailing Nicholas too. Yeah. That sounds pretty plausible.
Or, you know, maybe the title of this 2004 Orange County weekly profile wasn’t quite as much of a stretch as we though. It’s called: Henry Nicholas, Superhero.
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