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Huge Tools of the Week: Series 7 Study Guide Refresher

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Here is the latest installment of the new DealBreaker feature, Huge Tools of the Week. The feature is designed to provide the financial community with additional resources, from fledging online utilities to the name of a good 24-hour rub 'n tug establishment (Starbucks does close, after all). Here's last week's installment about a website that aggregates industry comps and allows for uploading and updating comps already on the site, wiki-style. Know a Huge Tool? Send any toolkit to: tips at dealbreaker dot com.

Just when you thought the art of personal note-taking had been lost (after calling your VP for the fifth time today to decipher ptichbook markup chicken scratch), here's a wonderfully quirky 13-page study guide refresher to the Series 7 passed along by one of our readers. It can't really replace the Series 7 tome the banks give you to prepare for the test, but it can be a fun surface-level self-quiz to make sure you're not missing anything major. Above is one of the more entertaining pages from the guide explaining the surface dynamics of calls and puts (something we think most non-traders could use a refresher on, from the oft-confused usage in common conversation).
Series 7 Illustrated Study Guide 2006