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I hate my MacBook! But don't let that color your iPhone Experience

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Apple’s earning report won’t be out ‘til Wednesday, but thanks to AT&T’s, we now know the iPhone’s first 30 hours in existence were an iFailure. The wireless carrier reported 146,000 activations during the mobile’s first weekend on sale, meaning the iPod/cell phone combo didn’t come close to Piper Jaffray’s expectation of 500,000. PJ analyst Gene Munster he was “disappointed” by the news, which is so much worse than if he'd said he was mad.
CIBC reported a “significant” decline in babe mags over the last ten days. They also anticipate a new version of the 3G to be released in the US in November, earlier than previously expected. That could mean the people Jobs ‘n Co. are banking on buying a phone today will stop, remember that buying first generation Apple products is more risky than unprotected sex with a Port Authority local, put off their purchases ‘til the new version is released, and stall sales even further.
Shares of Apple are down -2.73% ($3.95). In other news, people buy Apple products at the Apple store.
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