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Inopportune Time To Be A Master Of The Universe

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Alert the National Guard: Goldman has now been left out as a major underwriting playa in two—count ‘em, two—IPOs. First there was the Blackstone slap in the face, and now KKR is jumping on the “Don’t touch me there, Goldman” bandwagon. The same banks who lead the B-stone deal, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, will be underwriting KKR’s as well.
What’s with 1-2 punch? When it happened the first time, many believed that GS and JP were working on another P.E. IPO, there was a non-compete and so on and so forth. Others wondered if Goldman’s own “aggressive pursuit of private-equity deals alienated Steve Schwarzman,” failing to take into consideration that a 5’6” tall man probably has pretty thick skin. But Blackstone’s in the past—what’s the deal with the second snub?
As Reuters points out, JPMorgan doesn’t have a private equity arm capable of competing with KKR, but Henry Kravis may “have beef with the bank,” re: First Data Corp.

Reuters reported in April that Henry Kravis and crew were fuming at the way JPMorgan handled its proposed takeover of First Data Corp. Long story short, JPMorgan owns a majority stake in a First Data joint venture. KKR tried to reassure JPMorgan that the JV was not under threat, but JPMorgan pushed back, offering to buy out First Data’s 49 percent stake in the venture or dissolve the partnership altogether, sources told Reuters. That didn’t sit well with Kravis, sources say.

So that’s JP Morgan, okay, but the lack of Goldman is still coming as a shock to those who believe Goldman Sachs rules the world and all of its inhabitants (really, though, Goldman does have the ability to make it rain). So what’s up there? Some theories:
•Goldman’s private equity arm competes directly with KKR for deals.
•As noted by the ‘Bookies, in March, Lloyd Blankfein said, “It’s impossible for us to be in every piece of business,” which is kind of like hearing your deity admit to being human and will thusly be chalked up to Blankfein being drunk, and struck from the record.
•Goldman has different looting and plundering strategies from those of KKR
•Goldman needs a nap
•There can only be one bald supermogul per IPO
•Goldman is advising Apollo, Citadel
•Goldman is the midst of a herpes outbreak
•Kravis just doesn’t think Goldman’s all that good at the private equity business
•Goldman has told KKR in the past that it would underwrite its IPO—when small mouth bass rule the world
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