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Insider Trading: What's In The iPhone?

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The first iPhone teardown report is in, and Infineon looks to the be the big winner. Infineon, which has a market cap of around $12 billion, makes at least two vital components of the phone, according to the teardown. Shares of Inineon were up 3.5% this morning. Semiconductor Insights was commissioned by EE Times to break open the iPhone and find out what makes it tick.
You can watch the video of the teardown above. Parts made by Broadcom, Marvell and Balda all have a role. Samsung and Intel make the flash memory components. Many of the components are branded as "Apple," possibly concealing the names of the actual manufacturers.
So how is the iPhone doing after it's big opening weekend? Among our friends in finance and tech, the iPhone is performing better than expected. Former Gawker media boss, turned entrepreneur, Lockhart Steele and Razorfish user experience expert Kevin Kearney purchased iPhones on Saturday. Zach Klein of Connected Ventures, who are responsible for and, bought one on Friday night. Two former Lehman brothers traders--one bond guy and one equities--also admitted caving into the temptation. In our completely biased sample, the purchasers skewed heavily male.
"Chicks dig it," one buyer told us.
The message boards for Apple stock are a blaze on the news that the company's shares are down about 1% in morning trading. Demonstrating what some have described as the cult-like status that the company seems hold for some consumers and investors, many seem to be taking the downward movement personally. "Why are we being punished like this?" one investor asked.
Infineon a big winner in iPhone teardown []