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Interminable Dow Jones Saga Possibly Over?

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It’s only been reported in one British paper (so let’s remain skeptical, because those publications have a tendency to lie) but according to The Business Rupert Murdoch has “succeed with his $5 billion bid for Dow Jones.”
Allegedly, negotiations have been completed (less, “we want more money,” more “editorial independence, don’t make this the Post, you can only hire and fire the top editors and publishers, etc”), the board says the deal will be accepted by the Bancrofts over the next few days and a formal announcement is expected net week. News Corp will apparently pay $60/share, a 67% premium on the $36/share price in April.
Like we said, no one else has this story, though one of the writers, Andrew Neil, is a former “Murdoch lieutenant,” so perhaps that adds a miniscule amount of plausibility. According to CNBC’s David Faber no deal has been reached, despite news to the contrary from “some rag in a far away place.” Anyone else care to comment?
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