Investment Bankers Apprehensive In June


Accounting and finance workers were anxious in June, reports. Despite record bonuses this summer, the Hudson Accounting and Finance Employment Index fell sharply last month. Compared to May, more of those surveyed believed their firms would lay off employees, more people were unhappy with their current jobs and more people believed their personal finances were getting worse.
In response to the question: “Over the course of the next few months, will your company be hiring more workers, laying off workers, or making no change in the workforce?” 19.1% of responders said that their firms would lay off workers, compared to 14.8% in May.
More illuminating perhaps, is the 12 month Index graph, here. There is no consistency whatsoever in the protean Accounting and Finance sector where, depending on the month, your coworkers are either hypochondriacs or blind optimists.
Finance-Worker Confidence Takes a Plunge []



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