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Is This Like the 80s?

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Pointed out by Banker's Ball, if it seems like the market boom is never running out of energy, it may be because the people running it (or at least the people propping up the people running it) never run out of energy, courtesy of the best pick-me-ups bonuses can buy.
One of the only major differences from any other drug-infused Wall Street boom is that this time around the clients are taking turns blowing rails off the hot analyst's chest. Alden Cass, a Wall Street drug shrink, gloats that times are good, and that clients are paying hundreds of dollars an hour to whine about their OxyContin and opiate addictions. The key is feigning a real injury, like a collapsed nasal cavity, from golf.
The bankers still go for a traditional Red Bull and coke. MSN, known for its inroads in the drug community, found a smack dealer to comment (not Ballmer):

Juan Rodriguez, convicted of selling drugs to investment bankers and other professionals, said his clients never complained about the price of cocaine, even as it escalated. “My customers were all business individuals,” Rodriguez said, citing Morgan Stanley bankers as among his clients. Morgan Stanley said the company has a strong policy against substance abuse and uses random drug testing.

Wall Street's bad deal — drug addiction [MSN]