JPMorgan Loves to Beat It


Another bank skates by without an earnings surprise due to subprime credit losses. Representing JPMorgan's "second consecutive big beat" of Wall Street estimates, the bank posted a 20% gain on net income in Q2 to $4.2 billion, beating estimates by 10%. Quarterly revenue increased 25% over last year to $18.9 billion.
Surges in investment banking, asset management and private equity drove the quarterly gains. Investment banking experienced a revenue gain of 34% to $5.8 billion and a net income gain of 41% to $1.2 billion. Asset management saw a 32% jump in revenue to $2.1 billion and a 44% jump in net income to $0.5 billion. Private equity gains more than doubled from $0.5 billion to $1.3 billion.
JPMorgan's retail bank was hurt by weakness in home equity lending and saw an earnings dip of 10% on a revenue gain of 15%. The credit-card arm was similarly impacted, losing 13% in net income on a 1% revenue gain.
Shares of JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) are down over 2% so far in daily trading.
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