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Judith Regan Has Secret Murdoch Tapes

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Outspoken publisher Judith Regan has the dirt on Rupert Murdoch and “more than a few Fox executives,” the New York Daily News is reporting. Regan, who was fired last year after trying to publish OJ Simpson’s “If I Did It,” claims to have secret tapes of “juicy” and “explosive” phone calls from her time at NewsCorps’ HarperCollins. Regan is currently suing NewsCorp for wrongful termination and defamation.
After so many broken promises, when we hear Rupert Murdoch news item, juicy and explosive, we expect Rupert Murdoch news item, desiccated and banal, but maybe this will be the one.
In other “news,” Rupe is frustrated with those mercurial Bancrofts because, “they keep changing their mind.”
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