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Just How Desperate Is James Cayne To Win At Something, Anything?

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Forget about the fact that Jimmy Cayne’s had some trouble re: Bear Stearns’s minor subprime hedge fund crisis. Don’t even think about the rise he got out of a few people when it was revealed that Cayne was hitting the links while Bear Stearns High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leverage Fund lit paper bags full of money on fire. None of that comes close to the JC awesomeness we’re about to throw your way: the Hollywood Country Club (Deal, NJ) is investigating allegations that the Bear CEO used some creative scoring techniques that allowed him to win the club’s July 4th tournament. Yes—James Cayne (possibly) cheats at golf.
CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino reports that a committee of three has been formed to look into the complaint. Harvey York, president of the club told Gasparino that “allegations of cheating occur all the time,” particularly among the senior-level executive members who are small and petty. Gasparino’s two cents are that Cayne is a “straight up guy” but “the long knives are coming out against him because of his troubles at Bear Stearns.”
Looking ahead: did foul play have a hand in James Cayne championship bridge career? The answer may surprise you.
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Bear's Cayne Probed Over Golf Scores [CNBC]