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Look at my $40,000 watch!

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1928 was a great year to be a WASP—the Crash hadn’t yet happened, no one questioned the sexuality of a man who adorned his body with silk twill pocket squares, and Mein Kampf was going into its ninth printing (only to be outdone several years later by Dana Vachon’s Mergers and Acquisitions, now in it’s nine-thousandth printing). To commemorate this glorious 26-times-a-fortnight, when life was droll and full of hilarious bon mots, and to celebrate the recent opening of their Wall Street branch, Hermès is offering a limited edition version of its “Cape Cod 1928” watch ("Cape Cod Wall Street") for your consumption, exclusively at the 15 Broad store.
Complex has deemed the piece a “little Eichmann” and notes that it perfectly captures the “homogeneous banality” of “long summers on the beach,” which was the designer’s intent. We want to agree and say something about how the wearers of these things specialize in autoerotic asphyxiation but we're actually really into the black crocodile strap, rose gold case and sunny bronze face. Jesucristo, what’s happening to us? Look away, please. Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?
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