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Lord Browne Is Not Getting Any

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Remember Lord Browne, the BP executive who parted ways with the oil company back in May because he got creative with the truth regarding his personal life in court, forfeiting an estimated £15m ($30 m) and, more importantly*, if we’re going to split hairs, his spot as a director at Goldman Sachs? He’s now had an addition £1.5m ($3 m) owed to him frozen by the oil wooly-haired mammoth, until a court case is resolved.
At issue is what a few shareholders believe was mismanagement (“draconian,” yes draconian now, cost cuts prior to a pipeline spill, etc) in Alaska. They are seeking unspecified damages from 39 current and former BP executives and directors. To be clear, this suspension of pay is only to facilitate the funds being turned over to the injured party (who believe it would be “difficult” to recover the money from the Lord) when and if the shareholders are successful, and has nothing to do with the gay witch hunt from earlier this year.
BP freezes payments to Browne [The Guardian]
*it's never about the money.