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McDonald’s CFO Was Never Lovin’ It, Just Wanted To Make Money

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McDonald’s CFO Matthew Paull is trading in the pinstripes for corduroy, leaving his lucrative finance career for the somewhat less lucrative world of higher education. After fourteen years under the refulgent golden arches, Paull will begin teaching economics and finance part-time at an unspecified university in San Diego next year while continuing to serve on the Best Buy board of directors, reports.
Before compiling BigMac projections, Paull “fell in love” with teaching at the University of Illinois, but “couldn't support the lifestyle that I enjoy on a teacher's salary." This calls to mind Dealbreaker’s Tuesday poll: “Would you be working in a field other than finance if you could make the same amount of money?” 70.9% responded affirmatively, suggesting that the "passion for corporate finance" is largely synonymous with “passion for pecuniary remuneration.”
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