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Murdoch Gets Annotated

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Geoffrey Raymond is atitagain! Now he's gone off and painted good 'ol Rupert Murdoch in his classic style, but this time he's asking for a little help from the viewer. Raymond is displaying his masterpiece outside of One World Financial Center so that Wall Street Journal employees and tourists alike can add their feelings about Rupes directly to the piece. WSJ employees in red marker, everyone else in black, with Raymond acting as a moderator. Barring rain, Raymond will be there until the end of the week and then the painting is going to the highest bidder. By highest bidder we mean any bidder, as the eBay auction starting at $3,500 has no bids to date with just three days left.
To one man walking by who refused to stop but still seemed interested, Raymond said defensively, "It's not a picture of Rupert Murdoch, it's a picture of a moment in the history of the Wall Street Journal." Apparently this painting took only about two weeks to complete with Raymond rushing to finish before any official announcement about the fate of Dow Jones is announced. His painting of the $Honey is still a work in progress, he told DealBreaker — Raymond hasn't yet figured out the finishing touch.
After the jump we bring you some pictures of the painting's set up on Liberty Street.
The Annotated Murdoch [eBay]

Some of the commentary surrounding the portrait

Raymond talking to a passerby

Maneet Ahuja, a Wall Street Journal employee, signs the painting

Some British students on holiday wonder what all the fuss is about...

...And leave their commentary

Raymond with his masterpiece