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Never Have I Ever Been Shafted On Such A Prominent I.P.O.

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Validating the self-worth of a vastly undervalued bank, Apollo has lined up Goldman Sachs (and JP Morgan) as a key advisor on its forthcoming I.P.O. Goldman lost big time in the underwriting (drinking) game when it was only asked to play a minor role in the Blackstone offering and it was announced that Citigroup and Morgan Stanley will lead the KKR I.P.O. The snubs caused many people on the street to bitch and moan about the outright malarkey and wonder what in god’s name Goldman had done to suffer such indignities.
Goldman is also rumored to be a lead underwriting for AQR, expecting to file for an I.P.O. in the next few weeks.
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JPMorgan and Goldman get roles in Apollo IPO [FT]