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New Maria Bartiromo Sex Scandal. Money Honey Propositions Tax Cut Advocate, Transcript Reveals

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While researching a story on taxes on private equity last night, we came across a startling transcript of an interview in which Maria Bartiromo appears to proposition a CNBC guest for more than just his tax knowledge.
Ryan Ellis, hired gun for some tax-cut outfit, was appearing on CNBC's Closing Bell to debate taxes with the Robert McIntyre, a hired gun for a tax-hike outfit. According to the TV transcripting service TV Eyes, the debate was moving along predictably until Bartiromo interrupts with a seemingly unprovoked solicitation.

maria: ryan ellis what do you think sex.

The transcription then seems to breakdown completely.
We debated the meaning of this little bit of ungrammatical sex talk for quite a while. Was she simply asking his opinion of sex? Or was she implying that tax hikers want more taxes because they aren’t getting enough sex? We finally decided that this was a proposition, which could be more easily understood as. “Ryan Ellis. What do you think: sex?”
Then, sadly, we watched the actual video. No such proposition took place. It was just a transcription error.
And our dirty minds.
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