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One Of Us Stinks

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There’s an old story about the day Humphrey Bogart went to see a performance by a Bogart impersonator. After the show someone asks Bogart what he thought. The star replied, “One of us stinks.”
We were reminded of this story when we watched the clip above from the movie Boiler Room. One of the brilliant things about the movie was the way it dealt with the effect of movies about finance on the people who work in finance. Regardless of the motivations of writer and director Oliver Stone, Wall Street has long been embraced by young Wall Streeters who, even if they may not want to meet Bud Fox’s end, share the ambitions that drove him to Gordon Gekko’s lair. Boiler Room doesn’t quite have the cult status of Wall Street but it plausibly handles dealing with the recursiveness of a culture in which a film is modeled on financial culture and then comes to shape that very financial culture.
Anyway, it’s been a slow news day here at DealBreaker HQ so we’re bringing you the pinnacle of this recursive culture: the scene where boys of JT Marlin mouth the words of Gordon Gekko. Art imitates reality imitating art imitating reality.