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PlaneSpotting: Happy Anniversary Boone and Madeline Pickens! Remember To Say 記得我愛你

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Boone Pickens is taking his first trip to China right now. Boone’s entourage (which includes his wife Madeline, CNBC’s Becky Quick and Andrew Littlefair, formerly President of Pickens Energy and now chief executive of Clean Energy Fuels) boarded a Gulfstream G-550 in San Diego yesterday bound for Beijing.
“We’re scheduled tight when we get there. I’ve got a lot of meetings, and I’ve got two speeches,” Pickens said on Squawk Box on Friday.
But it won’t be all business.
“We’re going to have a great time. See the Wall. I’ve never been there,” he said.
Perhaps more importantly, the trip is also something of an anniversary present for the Pickenses. The couple were married on July 16, 2005 in a small private ceremony. Last year, Boone threw a stunning surprise party for his wife’s birthday. She responded with an equally lavish birthday party for Pickens at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. In the past, some have wondered whether Madeleine could keep up with her husband’s highspeed life.
“Madeleine goes 100 miles an hour, but Boone goes 150, and he’s always on the move,” a friend told Portfolio.
We’ll leave it to the Mr. and Mrs. Pickens to decide who has trouble keeping up with whom. In the meantime, Boone, you might want to remember this phrase: Jì De Wǒ Ài Nǐ. It’s Chinese for “Remember, I love you.”
Related: CNBC is promising a live report from Quick in China tomorrow. For some reason, Joe Kernen on Squawk Box kept telling us that CNBC paid for Quick’s ticket aboard the private plane. Not quite sure why that’s such a big deal.



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