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Pour Some Sugar On Me: Street Sweetie Takes Wall Street

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We’ve don’t mind confessing that we have a bit of a crush on Erin Burnett. She’s pretty, scrappy and holds her own every morning against both CNBC’s Mark Haynes and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. But we it looks like we’ve got a bit of competition for her these days. After yesterday’s full page spread in the New York Post, Burnett’s no longer the best kept secret of Wall Street.
We knew she was destined for greatness when she handily won our reader poll. But we had no idea she had become a full-fledged super-star. According to the New York Post, rating for "Squawk" are up 79 percent over last year in the crucial 25-to-54 year old demographic. And we’ve even heard rumors that sometimes people turn the volume up on the televisions when she comes on. And now she’s even got her very own nickname: Street Sweetie.
Erin has certainly come a long way since her humble origins as a political science major at Williams. She worked as an M&A analyst in Goldman Sachs, and left that job when CNN’s Willow Bay offered her a job writing for the network and booking guests. But it was at Bloomberg where someone had the sense to get her in front of a camera and she really began to shine. Even Bess Levin says nice things about her.
We already knew Erin was an early riser, getting up around 5 am to head down from the Upper West Side to the cluttered little CNBC booth at the New York Stock Exchange. But from Zach Kouwe’s New York Post interview, we learn that Erin is a bit of a gym rat—she’s there four times a week—and that her favorite restaurant is Henry’s End in Brooklyn Heights. Henry’s End is an unusual choice that marks her as well-informed about dining in our fair city. It’s a favorite of DealBreaker’s, located just a few blocks from our Brooklyn Heights branch office. (Note to Erin: When you are in the neighborhood, you should totally try Noodle Pudding and Jack The Horse.)
A word of advise, Street Sweetie. Don’t let this fame go to your head. Becky Quick, who has always been perfectly charming to us on the set of Squawk Box, gets up earlier than you do and we don’t imagine she’s going to rest easy with her second place showing. And you’ve got CNBC’s ace Hamptons reporter Margaret Brennan coming up fast. Who knows how big she might get if Stevie Cohen decides to open up a second front in the war against Jim Chanos’ beachside manse?
To tell the truth, we’re not too worried. You seemed to be taking it all in stride this morning when Joe Scarborough did his best to embarrass you on Morning Joe. You seemed, well, sweet.*
*So sweet, in fact, that we can't think of anything nasty to say. Which is totally why we're trying to stir up trouble between Erin and the other lovelies at CNBC.
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