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Schwarzman's Party Hopping

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So much for keeping a low-profile.
Despite criticism he had attracted unwanted attention to his company and the hedge fund industry with his lavish spending and huge parties, Blackstone’s billionaire founder Stephen Schwarzman hit the party scene again last week.
The scene was the New York Yacht Club, where the tony and very old school main hall is decorated with wood paneling and small models of sailboats. Schwarzman was one of the hosts for the party in honor of the 40th birthday of Democratic Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy of Rhode Island, Robert Novak is reporting. The principal host was Ted Kennedy. Other honored guests listed on the invite include David Boies, Norman Hsu, Felix Rohatyn, Bernard Schwartz, and Todd Slotkin. Of course, access to this kind of crowd doesn’t run cheap. Individual tickets cost $1,000. A cool five grand would get you treated as a VIP.
Schwarzman, co-founder and CEO of the Blackstone Group, made newspaper front pages when it was reported he would earn $7.5 billion from the public offering of his private-equity firm. Other big money Democrats listed on the invitation included David Boies, Norman Hsu, Felix Rohatyn, Bernard Schwartz, Todd Slotkin and Kenneth I. Starr. The principal host was the congressman's father, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.
Schwarzman is better known as a Republican donor and fundraiser. It’s amazing what a change in control on Capitol Hill and a bit of threatened tax legislation can do to create a bi-partisan contributor.