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Shocker o' the Day: Private Equity Giving Less Money To Its #1 Enemy

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Are you rich? Do you want to stay that way? You are not alone. In a groundbreaking new study, the Wall Street Journal found that the 11 private equity firms that comprise the Private Equity Council are giving more money to the leading Republican presidential candidates than the Dems. Since January, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain have received $262,000 from employees of Carlyle, KKR, Blackstone, etc, versus the $231,000 thrown at Clinton, Obama and John Edwards.
The numbers represent a reversal (since 2000) from previously pro-Dem P.E. managers. What’s the impetus behind the shift? A silent message to Hill: “Bring back the headband or we’ll light this dog on fire (/not give you money, and so forth and so on)”? A newfound respect for Mitt Romney, the Porn King of the Bay State? The realization that thing just feel “so right” between you (Schwarzman, Kravis, et al) and a guy who likes to dress in drag? The desire to elect a president who prefers the number ‘15’ to the number ‘35’? It's probably one of these things. Your guess is as good as ours (and our guess is Rudy in a mumu, if you must know).
Private Equity Gives More to Republicans [WSJ]


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