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The Street spells it out in simple chapter and verse today: scoring tail is our bottom line, and you can do this, via the iPhone. Who did they enlist to test out this theory? Why it's "Street Dot Com Staff Writer" Cliff Mason, who they don't tell you is also Jim Cramer's nephew. It wasn't that nepotism is the name of the game at, but that Cliff was quite obviously the perfect candidate to prove that no matter how seemingly dorky, inept vis-à-vis the ladies (the exchanges with Farnoosh Torabi, " correspondent" are particularly revealing) and Cramer-brand smug you are, with the iPhone in hand, you will attract the opposite sex, no questions asked.
Other reasons Cliff bought the mobile? Well, first of all, he "wasn't doing anything" at the time and he "has money to burn," which is why he "really didn't think about it too much." What about switching plans, did that pose any problems or headaches? Nah. Cliff was on Verizon but he really didn't think twice about switching over to an AT&T contract. His dad, Mr. Mason one presumes, is still paying for the Verizon one.
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