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The Brian Hunter LawsuitNo, Not That One. It’s A Brand New Lawsuit!

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Brian Hunter has filed suit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission yesterday, asking a court to block the regulator from bringing an enforcement action against him. Hunter, of course, needs no introduction to regular readers of DealBreaker. But for those of you new to the site, Hunter (pictured left) is the energy trader whose positions in natural gas futures led to the collapse of Amaranth last year. We have no idea who the guy holding him up is.
Hunter claims that FERC lacks jurisdiction over trading in natural gas futures, which he says falls under the purview of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. FERC and the CFTC have been investigating natural gas futures trading at Amaranth.
But Hunter’s boldest claim is probably that his reputation would be damaged by a FERC action.
“If FERC files the unlawful action it contemplates against me, Solengo and I will suffer irreparable injury. The ability of the Solengo Managed Funds to attract potential investors in the future is based primarily on my personal reputation as well as Solengo’s ability to qualify for certain registrations, permits, and other legal arrangements,” Hunter writes in a statement to the court.
Apparently, Hunter believes that his role in destroying Amaranth hasn’t really hurt his personal reputation all that much. But a lawsuit from FERC. How could anyone survive something that big?
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