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The iPhone Is a Wingman, Not a Miracle Worker

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Correction: The purchase of an iPhone did not land Cliff Mason, Jim Cramer's nephew, his first date. It just got the ladies on the street (dot com) to stand up and take notice when he whipped it out (are you picking up what we're throwing down? Does anyone else think DealBreaker should close at noon on summer Fridays? For everyone's sake?). Whipping out his iPhone was much more effective in getting the opposite sex to say "I'd like a piece of that young-looking James Cramer" than Cliff's BlackBerry was (hint: don't wear it in a holster, toots). For instance, in line at J.Crew:

Picture this: I'm just standing in line [at the J.Crew near my apartment], answering some email, when the fetching cashier who's ringing me up begs to "see" my iPhone and then asks me half a dozen questions about how I like it.
As soon as she gets her hands on the thing, the cashier next to her catches sight of it and flashes me a look of what I can only describe as sheer ecstasy before asking if she, too, can take a look. When the two women on either side of me and the one in line behind me realized there was an iPhone owner in their midst, they reacted like I was one of the Beatles, circa 1964.

Like a Backstreet Boy circa 1996. Like a member of N'Sync circa 1997. But we digress. Now tell us about the waitress at BLT Burger:

I had a similar experience when I went to BLT Burger, which I cannot recommend too highly, and my waitress couldn't take her eyes off of it. Sadly, my girlfriend was with me, so I couldn't empirically test the full extent of the iPhone's magnetic capabilities.

On another note, we'd like to offer Cliff an apology. Not because we called out the lack of disclosure about him being Cramer's nephew, or for calling attention to his own admission of the fact that his father pays his Verizon bill, but because he will now apparently be forced to call Cramer 'Uncle Jimbo,' in the biblical sense. For the rest of you, take this as a warning: you disclose or you get the hose.
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