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The Latest Round in the London vs. NYC Fight

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London comes out on top again, as Morgan Stanely is shipping Walid Chammah, global head of M&A, across the pond. Morgan Stanley is the most relocation-happy out of the bulge brackets, now that London houses the bank's I-banking chief, securities division COO and global head of capital markets.
Some oft-stated reasons for the push, from breakingviews:

The reasons are manifold. First and foremost is London's geography. By straddling the time zones of Asia and North America, a globally-focused executive can wake up speaking with colleagues in Tokyo and pass the Jag ride home directing charges in New York. London is also more conveniently situated than New York for courting executives in Russia, China, the Middle East and India - the four horsemen of future industry growth.

The trend isn't just affecting top positions, and doing its best to scrape the bottom of the barrel. More and more banker and trader underlings are getting shipped from NYC to the UK, or taking exploratory mini-work-"vacations," to work a week or two in London. Some even say that the work environment in London as a result is becoming just as life-crushing, if not more so, than Wall Street. If anyone has any stories of the difference in work environment from any of these trips, comment or drop a line to *tips at dealbreaker dot com*.
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