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The Schwarzman Party Favor - Death

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If you happened to skip out on the Schwarzman party before his 30-minute self-tribute, before the hired orchestra did the Zeppelin cover, or before party favors were handed out, the Schwarzintor has a pocket full o’ reckoning to issue your lowly $5 per crab-claw eating self. After all, what is there left to live for after attending Schwarzman’s 60th Birthday Party to End All Parties (La Fiesta Terminal)?
This was the reasoning of party planner Philip Baloun, who passed on 6/28, shortly after losing all sense of purpose in the grim spectre of Schwarmapalooza. New York Social Diary commemorates Baloun’s passing by adding him to “The List.”
Baloun, pictured here with a girl wearing a purple tablecloth, ninja Martha Stewart and fashion designer Edna Mode from the Incredibles, was the go-to submissive when it came to Wall Street ragers.
Some background – Baloun started out as a high school English teacher and completely freaked out when he turned 30 (in 1976). He ditched his students (right in the middle of the Heart of Darkness unit), “changed his life,” and moved to New York to become a theatrical director (translation – out of the closet, with a punctuation mark). A short three years later, Baloun started his own design firm in New York and the rest, as they say, is inanity history.
According to New York Social Diary, Baloun “became a pioneer in combining forestry, interior design, lighting, exfoliates, carpenters, pipe cleaners, painters, early Bowie LPs, seamstresses, livestock, epidermis and funnel cake into transforming an ordinary room into a palatial confection.”
Baloun’s catalogue of notable ragers included George Soros’ Millennium Party, Saul Steinberg’s $1mm 50th Birthday Bash, a Sandy Weill Sock Hop, a Richard Lefrak C’est Chic Fete, an Alfred Taubman Date Auction, a Steve Cohen Bris and an Evening with Journey featuring Jamie Dimon.
Baloun was not a stranger to his own “artistry,” frequently decorating his own residences (notice the plural). For instance, Baloun acted as contractor, landscape designer, hedge trimmer, decorator and freshly manscaped lawn boy for his own East Hampton house.
Philip Baloun, dead at 61. R.I.P.
Old Rich People Are Productive Normal Members of Society [New York Social Diary’s “The List”]