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The Swiss Army Knife: Made In China?

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You know outsourcing production to China is out of hand when the Swiss Army Knife could have a "Made in China" label on it as early as this year. This has some Swiss people very angry, measured by the ever decreasing number of marshmallows in our hot chocolate.
Alois Kessler, a lawyer and retired Swiss Army colonel, is petitioning the Swiss Defense Ministry over a WTO rule that may enable the knives to be made in China. Kessler is arguing that the knife qualifies for a WTO exemption and that non-Swiss bidders would fail to meet Swiss environmental and quality control standards.
Victorinox AG has been producing Swiss Army knives domestically since 1909. Customers include the actual Swiss Army, the pope, a couple of hipsters, that weird kid in your 6th grade shop class, senile veteran grandparents (that's not rust sonny, it's Kraut blood) and 5.5 million others annually.
Peter Lyoth, spokesperson for the Swiss Defense Ministry, proclaims the need for a new Swiss Army knife (pictured) and will not comment on whether it will be ordered from China or not.
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