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TXU Lenders Do The Math

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Funding a $37 billion buyout isn't what it used to be, especially since debt on recent buyouts is losing up to 10% in value, sticking lenders with hefty losses. The lenders led by Citi and including Lehman, JPMorgan, Goldman and Morgan Stanley are considering paying a $1 billion break-up fee so that everyone can quietly walk away.
The proposed KKR, TPG and Goldman PE buyout of TXU calls for $30 billion of term loans and $11 billion in an unsecured bridge loan. Sharing a $1 billion loss is better than sharing a potential $3.7 billion loss (several analysts worked a 120 hour week to compute that). The banks are clever like that, at least in hindsight after offering such huge financing packages for these PE deals.
Thomson Financial reports that there is $300 billion worth of unfunded buyout debt currently threatening numerous impending PE deals like First Data.
Lenders mull pulling out of TXU and pay 1 bln usd break-up fee [Thomson Financial via CNN Money]