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Uncooperative Cows Force Starbucks to Raise Prices

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SBux will increase prices on coffee, frappuccinos, vanilla bullshit latte cappa things and other drinks by an average of 9 cents per cup* starting next week. Starbucks claims the move is necessary to help offset the “soaring costs” of milk and other commodities.
Morningstar analyst John Owens said that “There will probably be some grumblings initially, but at the end of the day, I think people aren’t going to change their pattern of buying,” because we are lazy, caffeine-addicted sheep (I’m on #4, how ‘bout you?).
The increase—the second in less than a year, following October’s 5 cent/drink bump—effectively levels the price of a grande beverage to that of a gram of blow, the latter of which you don’t have to wait for on some ungodly long line. We’re not saying, we’re just saying.
Shares of Starbucks are up 15 cents to $28.31.
Starbucks raising U.S. drinks prices next week [Reuters]
*Listen, people. We get that it’s a negligible increase. But we’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Ours will be at $8.50, which is extremely generous considering that we get iced coffee, and, as everyone knows, the iced drinks are where the ‘Buck screws you. What's your limit?