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We Want Yu for the Facebook Army

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Facebook is now ripping people away from Google. Gideon Yu, YouTube's former finance chief, has joined the social networking site as CFO, replacing Mike Sheridan, who will be summarily executed.
Yu's career path is a microcosm of the flow of Tech company buzz. Yu was the treasurer at Yahoo, then joined YouTube to help negotiate the $1.7 billion sale to Google. Yu stuck around at Google, turning down plans to become a partner at VC bastion Sequoia Capital. Not one to be confused with a loyal employee, Yu's made all these moves in the past year. While crossing his fingers behind his back, Yu commented, "I'm hoping this is my last job for a long time."
Mark Zuckerberg is fully aware of the implications of nabbing Yu, and is quoted in the Journal, saying "I consider it kind of a coup that we were able to recruit him here." Zucks affirmed the notion that he is not looking to sell facebook, dress like a grown-up, or IPO anytime soon, however people in the loop believe that facebook is on a 2 year IPO time table if it doesn't get scooped up.
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