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We know how it is. You’ve just watched the head of your small cap trading desk break another keyboard. You worked on a deal for three days straight, keeping yourself awake by sheer will power and Adderall, and now it’s “pencils down” and the deal is dead. Or maybe they’ve dimmed the lights on your floor to show good corporate citizenship, which seems nice but is making you lose what is left of your eyesight. Maybe it seems like this year your firm hired analysts who chewed too much lead paint when they were young.
What’s worse is that no-one seems to care. Not your buddies who are tired of hearing about your job. Not the girls at the bar who think this is just one more way of bragging about what an important and lucrative job you have. Not your bartender, who only smiles at you because she wants a better tip. And not your mother…okay, maybe your mother cares.
But we’re kind of like your mom. We care. We want to hear everything. No deal is too big and no detail is too small. Every day our tipsters—often people we have never met who reach out to us through email and phone calls—help us break stories and get the insider angle on stories where everyone else is simply re-writing the press release.
There are so many ways to contact us. We’ve got our tips line for email: You can call us at the DealBreaker bunker: 212-334-1871. You can now contact via instant messaging, through our AIM screenname: TheDealBreakers. And we even have a DealBreaker tips text message account. Text your tips to 973-495-0177.
We’re interested in it all. Office gossip, the distance between your desks. The stains on the floor of your cubicle. The best and worse places to eat lunch or order dinner. Bonus rumors, misbehaving banker snap shots, true-life stories of work gone bad, deal news, trading desk follies, market movements, promotions and firings, and whatever else happens to be on your mind. As always, you can rest assured that we will keep your identity confidential.
Finally, we’d like to offer all our tipsters a heartiest thanks. You make our world tilt a little bit more each day.