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When iPhones Continue To Fail

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Round of applause for Apple, which not only "Think[s] different" by marking up its product 55% but also strips (some) iPhone purchasers of the one constant thing in their lives, their cell number. Yes, Yale anthropology doctoral candidate Allison Alexy stood in line for hours on Friday, bought the iBomb and then found out she couldn't transfer her Sprint number to AT&T, a minor problem, given Apple's exclusive contract with the carrier. She received a message from the fruit that her number wasn't elgible for transferring but didn't get into the how's and why's.
Her boyfriend, a lawyer, got on the computer and looked into the problem for 30--count 'em, 30--minutes and found out that "wireless numbers can only be transferred from one wireless carrier to another within the same metro area." Wanting to avoid a "hassle," Alexy sucked it up and switched numbers. The long term affects of this event are unclear at this time.
Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris commented that "There are a small percentage of iPhone customers who've had a less-than-perfect [activation] experience." But it doesn't really matter either way, because the entire premise of this phone is based on Jobs's supposition that "people will sacrifice a lot-- $499-599, their old numbers, their pride, etc, to be card carrying members of the shit-eating grin club." So there you have it.
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