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When iPhones Fail

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Wouldn't it suck if you paid $50,000 for a cell phone/iPod combo and then couldn't activate it? Perhaps we should ask the 2% of iPhone purchases who suffered such a fate, which, according to estimates by Steve Jobs, translates to roughly 1 billion people.
Jay Gurfein bought his mobile Friday night at an Apple store in Nassau County (...). As of Sunday afternoon, he hadn't been able to use the device. And just to make things interesting, when the Jay-man-LI initially tried to activate his service, AT&T immediately ended service on his existing BlackBerry, leaving him alone in the world for "more than 45 hours.". By late Sunday night, AT&T, having had a spark lit under its ass by iGod himself, had gotten Gurfein's phone on and given him a $150 credit for ruining his life.
In Louisiana, pretty much the same deal happened to Jaci Russo, except she also dropped two calls. In Murray Hill, one disgruntled user reported his iPhone's failure to get him laid, even after whipping it out Joshua Tree and asking several female patrons if they'd like to touch it. Steve Jobs--sleep with one eye open.
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